Commercial Revitalization Plan

for Three Retail Districts and Development Evaluation of Eleven Sites along the Massachusetts Avenue Corridor

Arlington, MA

THA collected and analyzed demographic and socio-economic data from Arlington and competing communities to understand the breadth and depth of the market. We conducted site visits and interviews in Arlington and competing communities and evaluated tourism resources and marketing efforts.

Using the information collected, THA identified market niches for businesses, developed strategies for strengthening each of Arlington’s three retail areas and made recommendations about the future of tourism and its potential impact on economic growth. We suggested re-use opportunities for old structures by new businesses; identified barriers to investment and viable development opportunities for new retail; provided retail tenant recruitment portfolio; initiated retail development and lease discussions with major retailers and developer.

THA also evaluated the current status and potential of expanding tourism and the “creative economy” to strengthen Arlington’s retail areas.

Slideshow Image 2 Arlington, MA
Slideshow Image 3 Arlington, MA
Slideshow Image 4 Arlington, MA
Slideshow Image 4 Capitol Theater, Arlington (photo: Twp)