What We Do

Design Assistance

  • Assists Architects Design a Marketable Spatial Layout
  • Answers Questions about Retailer’s Requirements
  • Addresses Size, Configuration, Access, Special Services
  • Results in a Leasing Plan


Designers Outlet Gallery

For the Designers Outlet Gallery, Secaucus, NJ., THA guided the architect in transforming a vacant Helena Rubenstein warehouse into a multi-use retail, office, and warehouse center.  THA conceived the upscale designer outlet concept and selected an architect skilled in creating distinctive spaces in old structures.

THA identified a representative group of high-tech stores in SOHO that epitomized the image of glamour, fashion, and retail excitement , a look that would become the architectural vocabulary for the project. THA personally guided the architect through the shopping experience so that questions and issues could be resolved together in a timely manner.

Slideshow Image 1 Designers Outlet Gallery Marketing Materials
Slideshow Image 2 Designers Outlet Gallery Leasing Brochure, opening spread
Slideshow Image 3 Designers Outlet Gallery

Working together the team produced a unique design and leasing plan that was appealing to high fashion designers and manufacturers. The high tech fashion and glamour image was used to market and brand the project; it was translated into graphics, signs, and an award-winning leasing brochure.

The project yielded the highest rents in Secaucus and continues to be a successful outlet retail property.